Note: If you have found a problem with a CC-CEDICT dictionary entry (e.g. pinyin error, or inaccurate/incomplete definition) please submit this directly with CC-CEDICT by first searching for the word and then making the edit. You will need to create an account to do this.

Please give as much relevant information as possible and send it to [email protected]

The easiest way is to do the following:

  • Go to Hanping’s About screen - For Dictionary and Camera apps, slide drawer from the left and choose About. For Popup app, go to main screen.

  • Under Legal Notices, tap on the first item (e.g. Hanping Chinese Dictionary) 7 times. You should see a message like Debug Settings enabled

  • Now go the Hanping Settings screen. Note: on Popup you just need to stay on the same screen

  • You should see a Write Logs to File preference. Enable that.

  • Now reproduce the problem in Hanping

  • Go back to the Hanping Settings screen and long-press on the Write Logs to File preference. This should allow you to send the logs to us.

If, for some reason, the above does not work, please try taking a System Bug Report:

Some details that might be useful to us:

  • If the problem seems to be specific to a dictionary, then please look up the dictionary version number in the Add-ons screen.

  • To send us your device and app version details please send us an email from within the Hanping app: About screen > Send email to developer because this will automatically attach the appropriate information.

  • If you are having camera problems in the Hanping Chinese Camera app, please send device info using this app (you need to click the circular arrow icon to send the device info by email).